About Us


Our Mission

To become a global company partnering with Banks, Futures Brokers, Stock Brokers, Proprietary Trading and Fund Houses, providing high-quality Research, Algorithmic Trading Systems, and Innovative Market Timing Tools.

Quantlogic is a financial research firm with offices in New York, London, and Cochin (India). The company specializes in Quantitative and Technical Analysis of Global Financial Markets. It has successfully created a unique blend of technology, quantitative research, and technical analysis to deliver Superior Research for bank products, High-Performance Trading Algorithms tailor-made for institutions & funds, as well as Innovative Tools to improve market timing and real-time open-position analysis.

Our Offering

Research Services for Bank Products
Algorithmic Trading Strategies
Innovative Market Timing Tools
Powerful Strategy Performance Analysis
24/7 Trade Monitoring Service
Privilege Partners Programme
Powerful Technology Infrastructure
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