Technology Security

Quantlogic has invested in a state of the art technology and security infrastructure, including office access and CCTV surveillance, secure networks, servers and workstations, anti-virus and malware software, as well as office protocols to ensure the smooth operation of our business and integrity of the products and services we deliver.


Quantlogic has a comprehensive physical security setup that ensures all project documents, data and services are secure and protected at all times. Our facility incorporates world-class technology infrastructure with a focus on reliability, security and scalability. This includes:

Internet redundancy (2 parallel high speed Internet connections)

Scalable Network Architecture and Systems

Scalable Cabling Design

Network Security (Firewall Protection)

Password Policy (Enforce password history, password age, password length and meet complexity requirements)

Real Time Virus Protection (Symantec Endpoint Protection and Symantec Network Access Control client)

Latest Workstations (Intel Core Processor Machines & higher)

High-End Servers (Intel Xeon Servers)

Licensed Software


Quantlogic has put in place an Operational Risk Management framework including a BCP/DRP (business continuity and disaster recovery plan) as a priority to preserve critical business functions.

Incremental backup of all Work in progress to Cloud storage

Weekly backup of Proprietary databases

Copies of backups maintained in secure offsite location, fireproof storage cabinets

Regular Preventive Maintenance on Operating systems and Software

24/7/365 Power Availability (Power Generator and UPS)

Business Continuity Plan

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