Higher-probality quantitative trading signals.

Amadeus . . . an orchestration of higher-probability daily trading signals

Amadeus is a quantitative solution developed by Quantlogic. From a universe of 10 Million trading ideas, our proprietary software selects approximately ten thousand of the most promising opportunities for hundreds securities across multiple markets.

Up to 100 higher-probability trading signals identified every day

Amadeus aggregates the results and runs a final series of algorithms which identify up to 100 trading signals before the markets open. The rapid growth and popularity of algorithmic trading makes it ever more challenging for traders to find an edge. Quantlogic addressed this issue by developing Amadeus, a quantitative solution evolved from one of the world’s largest databases of quantitative research, and comprising a universe of 10 Million trading ideas.

The business of strategy development has become extremely complex. Today, the spotlight is focused on algorithmic strategies that provide sufficient volume trading signals to meet the needs of Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, and Sophisticated Traders. This requirement has lead to the rise of quant traders, whose original ideas and quantitative software are in high demand. But Quantlogic has long been ahead of the curve, and Amadeus represents the added value financial institutions are looking for.

A universe of 10 Million trading ideas and sophisticated algorithms


Amadeus consists of a multifaceted database and sophisticated algorithms Amadeus is a powerful solution that draws upon the expertise and technological resources developed by Quantlogic over many years. Our proprietary quantitative software consists of a multifaceted database of 10 Million trading ideas, and sophisticated algorithms which can process tens of thousands individual and combined conditions over multiple markets.
Every overnight process analyzes the response to each condition, derives new ideas at a primary level, and conducts regressive and predictive analysis over thousands of potential trading signals, which are then filtered for correlation, profitability and other factors. The end result is a best selection of up to 100 higher-probability daily trading signals for our clients to trade.

Continuous improvement and perfection of our algorithmic trading strategies and quantitative solutions

Unlike most strategy developers, Quantlogic spends over 38,000 hours every year improving and perfecting our proprietary technical indicators and trading algorithms. Our unique combination of quantitative research, technical analysis, and powerful technology, significantly enhances our trading capacity, while ensuring we stay ahead of the curve.