Quantlogic Funded Trader Program

Become A "Funded Trader" & Receive Payouts From The First Month.

No Trading Capital From You Is Required!

Trading Environment

We provide our Traders an environment full of genuine Career and Education Opportunities

Quick Schemes

We are not believing in get-rich quick schemes. Trading is hard work and only serious Individuals should apply and will succeed.

Trading Capital

We are not requiring you to provide your own Trading Capital but only a moderate one-time Enrollment Fee.

Our Trading Programme at a Glance

Guaranteed Payouts

Our successful Traders earn Trader Payouts from the start of the first month of their Trading Career. They are paid real dollars on the Pips/Points earned while the amount of dollars per Pip increases with each month.

Career Opportunity

Quantlogic's Trader Programme is a great way to develop, test and verify your strategy in a safe but promising envrionment. All our Traders are watched by our Scout team who manually verify your approach.

Educational Programme

s part of the Programme, you have access to a turnkey Trader Education that includes a 10 module e-Learning course as well as individual Trader Coaching by your Trade Floor Manager.

Risk Management

Our specially designed software will track your progress at your home, the office or on the move while our automated risk manager is constantly running to enforce Trader Discipline.

Trader Coaching

You are individually coached and educated by your Trade Floor Manager who reviews your submitted Trade Plans as well as provides you with Trade Plan suggestions and other Trader Tips.

Trade Anywhere

Our firm has been designed to accelerate your Trading Career from anywhere in the world. It offers you to stay location-independent and flexible to work self-directed in our local office or your home.

Learn About Our Trade Floor in India

Quantlogic has teamed up with Blue Point Trading to provide new and advanced Traders with the opportunity to learn to trade from Quantlogic’s state of the art offices in Kochi, India.

Quantlogic, an International Company with further offices in London and New York provides world leading market timing analytics to Banks, Institutions and Traders all around the world.

Our Trade Floor Manager is Nikhil Prakash. As a user of BPT and Quantlogic Edge’s analytics, nobody is better placed to introduce you to all the advantages this powerful program has to offer. Nikhil is fully supported by a highly professional team with decades of trading experience together with the full resources of BPT and Quantlogic!

Our state of the art offices also act as as International hub for BPT traders not served by other offices, who are looking to trade from a trading facility with all of Quantlogic’s powerful market timing analytics. The offices include dedicated training facilities run by both Indian and Western traders.

By Collaborating with Blue Point Trading – Quantlogic is able to provide Traders with the ability to trade using Quantlogic Edge without putting personal capital at risk. This powerful collaborative analytics platform that is powered by algorithms, gives traders a unique market perspective not seen by 99.99% of their colleagues. Add to this the power of being able to view real time research from Quantlogic’s own analysts and fellow traders means there is no feeling of being alone. Instead, you will be part of a team that has all the resources to help you achieve your goals! Becoming a successful trader is a challenge and the Quantlogic-BluePoint office wants to provide all traders with all tools possible to conduct their trading effectively and efficiently. .

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