Quantlogic EDGE™

Quantlogic EDGE is at the forefront of transformational change for investors everywhere.

Trading the world’s financial markets is a zero sum game, and successful traders require a competitive edge. Finding that advantage just became a whole lot easier with Quantlogic EDGE. Whether it is to identify unique trading opportunities, improve trade entry and exit efficiency, or to discover optimal prices for scaling positions, EDGE provides exclusive insights into real-time asset price movements that standard price charts cannot deliver.

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quantlogic EDGE

Quantlogic EDGE Real-time Analytics includes:

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  • Speedometer Indicator
  • World-class Intraday Support & Resistance Levels
  • Price Exhaustion Ranges
  • Price Flow™ Analysis
  • 90-Day Historical Speedometer Replay
  • 5-Minute Charts with Quantlogic S/R Levels
  • 90-Day Historical 5-Min Charts with Quantlogic S/R Levels
  • SPIE (Significant Pattern Identification Engine) Patterns & Alerts
  • SPIE Pattern Instant Playback
  • 90-Day Historical SPIE Pattern Library with Replay

Quantlogic Sample Market Timing Reports

quantlogic EDGE

At the heart of the revolutionary EDGE platform is Big Data. Since 2007, Quantlogic has developed one of the world’s largest repositories of quantitative and technical analysis. Running on multiple servers in the cloud, our powerful algorithms mine and analyze this data to reveal a wealth of information that is hidden to most investors.

One of the keys to extracting value comes from the advances Quantlogic has made in the development of Big Data visualization tools. Price charts do not provide a broad enough canvas to reliably analyze big data, whereas, EDGE incorporates a set of intuitive tools and features, such as the Speedometer Indicator, Price Flow™, and the Significant Pattern Identification Engine – SPIE™, that make it easy to comprehend and profit from big data analytics.

14-Day Free Trial