Quantlogic’s Significant Pattern Identification Engine – SPIE™

SPIE is a fully integrated module of Quantlogic EDGE™. Its intelligent pattern recognition algorithms constantly monitor financial instruments for unique price patterns that are known to exhibit a high-probability of predictable price movement after the pattern has emerged.

SPIE is the product of extensive research and testing of Big Data from one of the world’s largest databases of quantitative and technical analysis. Our powerful analytics engine performs millions of tests across a range of financial instruments. Price movement predictability is analyzed and performance measured against an array of metrics to ensure consistency in specific market conditions. Not to be confused with Quantlogic’s algorithmic strategies, SPIE can be helpful to traders in two ways:

1. Managing open positions. It is not uncommon for traders to miscalculate stop-loss and take profit price levels.

2. Identifying opportunities to enter or exit a position. Analysis of price movement probability can play a significant part in reducing losses and maximizing profits.

The SPIE module takes full advantage of EDGE’s intuitive interface and easy to master features. This includes audio and visual alerts, as well as custom workspaces and enhanced speedometers for monitoring high probability price movement between dynamically updating rally and retracement zones; an instant replay tool to review price movements when away from the workspace for extended periods; and a historical replay tool to demonstrate the price movements that followed every pattern occurrence within the past 90-days.

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SPIE white papers provide insights into the methodology behind Big Data pattern analysis, and how that knowledge is leveraged to improve trading performance. By measuring price movement, traders and strategy developers can extract value and apply their findings to new or existing methodologies. White papers are accessible from the SPIE workspace.