24/7 Trade Monitoring

Avoid the risks of automated trading and extend your opportunity horizon

Most traders understand the risks of automated trading, and the substantial losses or unrealized profits that can be incurred when a system is left unsupervised. They also know that nothing could be more counterproductive than to sit in front of a computer screen for hours, waiting for trading signals; or anything more stressful than to monitor open positions with the ever present temptation to override the automated system, especially, when the market appears to be moving against you.


Does automated trading make it easier to trade financial markets?

Sadly, reality could not be further from the truth. Traders learn through bitter experience that automated trading has many pitfalls, including the risk of substantial losses and / or unrealized profits when a trading system is left unsupervised. Technical pitfalls include network failures, power failures, computer hardware failures, execution platform failures, unfilled orders, excessive slippage, automated trading strategy failures or glitches and operating system failures. Psychological pitfalls, including the powerful temptation to discretionary trade and / or override the automated strategy; especially, when the market appears to be moving against you. Let us not forget the added pressure of holding positions overnight, or at any other time you cannot be present to supervise them.

It follows that, in due diligence, many traders spend countless unproductive hours in front of their trading screens waiting for the automated system to generate trading signals. Much worse, however, there are many who leave the system unsupervised and vulnerable to the risks mentioned above. All things considered, for most traders, the scope of opportunity is limited to the relative convenience of local markets and time zones. But it does not have to be like that!

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Let Quantlogic supervise your automated trading systems, so you can enjoy the benefits!

Quantlogic is a leading developer of algorithmic trading strategies, so we know a thing or two about automated trading. In fact, our permanent team of experienced specialists supervise the automated trading systems of all our strategy trading clients. Safe in the knowledge their automated trading system is being monitored 24/7 by a team who can handle unexpected issues with maximum effectiveness, our clients are freed from the constraints of automated trading. Now, they have time to focus on more important activities. Now, they can extend their trading horizon to cover 24 hour opportunities. Now, they sleep nights!

The 24/7 Trade Monitoring Team are highly experienced with specialist knowledge of automated trading systems

Quantlogic’s 24/7 Trade Monitoring Team is composed of experienced operatives who can handle pressure and keep calm in a crisis. They have specialist knowledge of automated trading systems and actively supervise our client’s algorithmic strategies 24 hours per day, 7 days a week (even on public holidays, when markets are open), with authority to manually override automated systems, if required. In the event of sudden system failures or unfilled orders, they are ready to communicate with broker execution desks and the strategy development team, to ensure every trade is, ultimately, executed to our client’s satisfaction.


To guarantee the integrity of our 24/7 Trade Monitoring service, Quantlogic has invested in state of the art technology and a security infrastructure which includes a comprehensive physical security setup to ensure all strategies, systems, documents, data and services are secure and protected at all times. Furthermore, we have established an Operational Risk Management framework, including a BCP/DRP (business continuity and disaster recovery plan) as a priority to preserve critical business functions.

When it comes to 24/7 Trade Monitoring, we ensure our clients receive a service that is fit for purpose, and not simply cosmetic.