Privilege Partners

Trading success is a function of multiple disciplines . . . all of which are critical


Quantlogic’s expertise covers many of these disciplines and the company is focused on leveraging its key competencies to maximum effect. One of our strategies to obtain maximum leverage, is to work with Trading Partners who augment our capability, where the sum of the parts of our combined strengths is significantly more than the whole.
To this end, Quantlogic developed a partnership program open to a select few participants, where Quantlogic feels that the combined strength of the partnership leverages the sum of the parts significantly.

Designed to achieve the full potential of trading ideas

Quantlogic Privilege Partners (QPP) is designed to achieve the full potential of trading ideas

QPP enables our partners to leverage their own strategy development capability by the full measure of resources available at Quantlogic. This includes unique access to our quantitative and technical analysts, strategy development team, and multi-million dollar research database. QPP is the perfect match for trading partners seeking to substantially improve their capability, minimize unnecessary cost, and get thoroughly checked and tested ideas quickly into the markets.
QPP participants benefit from the considerable resources available at Quantlogic. Configuration and/or coding of an idea is handled by highly-qualified and skilled developers, and we also offer to test the constituent parts against millions of other ideas in our database, and to deliver this at a speed which would be unimaginable without the scale of our resources.


The QPP program follows a three stage process:


1. Ideas Collaboration

Any idea a participant would like to evaluate that falls within our working parameters, Quantlogic will write original computer code so that the idea can be back-tested over historical data for an agreed number of financial instruments. Performance characteristics of that individual idea are then made available to the participant for assessment.

2. Database Testing

The second stage involves separating the idea into its constituent parts (Setup – Entries – Scaling – Exits – etc.) and testing each part against thousands of concepts in our systems. This will rapidly highlight whether the idea has potential beyond its original conception, and will ensure maximum leverage of the idea. Instead of looking at it in isolation to perhaps three or four conditions, it can be compared to over a million conditions and rapidly assessed for its benefit.

3. Strategy Execution

Trading the idea is equally important as conceiving and testing it. Once the idea is coded as an algorithmic trading strategy, Quantlogic provides access to an automated trading platform which can automatically execute trades via your direct-access broker. To further ensure participants receive maximum trading protection, every strategy is monitored 24 hours per day, 7 days a week (even on public holidays, if markets are open).

We also take care of all administration around trade management, leaving participants to focus on the two essential parts of their business, raising new funds and generating new trading ideas.